Boat Quay Near to Singapore River

Singapore Boat Quay, located on the southern bank of the upstream portion of the Singapore River, is a place of historical importance that dates back to the 1860s. Though Boat Quay no longer plays any role in the aquatic trade, the old structures have been preserved carefully. At present, this place offers plenty of entertainment facilities by way of several restaurants and bars.

Boat Quay Near to Singapore River

One of the most visited venues in Singapore for its formidable entertainment and dining options, Boat Quay has become a mainstay for locals, expatriates and travellers alike. A scenic area with a flavour of its own it has firmly established itself as a must-visit destination in Singapore. Boat Quay is near to Great World City MRT Station where there are many freehold condos located around in the area.

Just over a century ago Boat Quay was a hotspot of trading with its waterway access and by 1860 three quarters of all trade came in through this port. It was from this destination that Singapore established itself as a prominent port in a global context. The port eventually lost prominence however with the emergence of superior transportation technology both through sea and air.

Boat Quay at Great World City MRT Station

An interesting point is that the area around the South Bank is shaped like a carp (a type of fish) which is a Chinese symbol of good luck. To capitalize on this luck this part of Boat Quay was packed tightly with shop-houses. It is these shop houses that were eventually converted into what is Boat Quay’s strong point; namely restaurants, pubs and bars. The numerous restaurants in Boat Quay mainly serve Indian and Chinese cuisine which alone provides quite a bit of variety. Additionally, cuisine from other nations can also be found here as well. Great World City is located near to Great World City MRT Station.

Boat Quay Nightlife

Boat Quay is quite pleasing visually during the day, but it is best visited during the night when the entire area is lit up giving it a far more appealing appearance. A popular pastime in this destination is to watch the various ships and junkers glide through the harbour whilst enjoying a drink or a meal which makes for quite a relaxing and soothing experience. Travellers will be confronted with a host of Singapore hotels during the travel that caters to different requirements and seeking them in advance is advised.

It goes without saying that the Singapore nightlife has something or the other for all and sundry. You will surely be spoilt for choice while deciding what to do and where to go on your night out at this place.

So, make your visit to Singapore Boat Quay count. Wish you a good time at Boat Quay!

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