River Valley Primary School at Great World City MRT Station

Also known as RV, the River Valley Primary School was developed and established in 1985. It came as a result of the merging of several schools like Kim Seng primary school, river valley Eng and the river valley Chinese primary school. After merging all the three schools, the school enrolled about 1700 pupils. Due to lack of enough facilities, the school enrolled about 1260 pupils. At the moment, the school has a stable intake of students which is constant at 1600.

River Valley Primary School at Great World City MRT Station

Despite a large number of pupils in the school, its profile is still shining high than other schools in the region. It has achieved high results in PSLE and P3 screening exams. It is also listed on the top 30 schools which are very popular for accepting and enrolling international students. River Valley Primary School is located near to Great World City MRT Station and is located near to Gret World City Shopping Centre as well.

River Valley Primary School Educational Institution

The vision of this school is to inspire and edify leadership in the learners. The school looks at all ways that can help its learners in learning new ways of doing things. Through the leadership of Madam Wong Li Peng, the team is always ready to teach pupils to be good leaders who can enrich and inspire the lives of other people out there. In short, the RV teaches have made it a good place where your pupil can learn, play and even work. At the moment, this school is contributing off the nation by producing all round pupils. River Valley Primary School is conveniently located near to Great World city mrt station and is located close to the city.

River Valley Primary School Rules and Regulation

On the other hand, this school has a strong mission of being ready to provide total education. The teachers are committed to giving a progressive education which is also balanced with rigorous and holistic activities. Through that form of education, the pupils are ready to fulfil their future duties at the family level and the nation in general. The mission is fulfilled by expanding the thinking capacity of the pupils by enhancing their development in character, aesthetics and even physical knowledge.

The River Valley Primary School has rules and regulations that are used to regulate the movement, the stay and even the learning of the pupils. Because it is a mixed school, there are rules which regulate both boys and girls. For instance, all pupils should wear their school uniform while at school. Some types of jewelry and hairstyles are not allowed. For security reasons and creating of ample learning place for all, no pupil is allowed to come with his/her mobile device to school. All messages that are directed to a pupil should be relayed to the general office staff.

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