Robertson Quay Near to Singapore River Restaurants

The Robertson quay is one of three that are located on the Singapore River. The other two quays on this river are the Clark Quay and Boat Quay. Of the three, Robertson Quay is the largest, measuring approximately 50 hectares on the river. It is built around 1.5m away from the bay and runs across the shoreline, ending at the bridge, Kim Seng.

Robertson Quay at Singapore River

This area is filled with history. In 1973, the food center was built on Hallpike Street with the main cafeteria turned towards a nice view of the river. The Hallpike Street was given its name after an English blacksmith, Stephen Hallpike. Later, though, the Hallpike Street was reconstructed. In 1983, the food center was moved to the Empress Place Transit in the northern part of the wharf. Just several years later, the food center was then completely taken down during the 1990’s, as it was replaced with a center for dining and entertainment.

Robertson Quay Entertainment Shopping Centres

A feature that was built in the past at the Robertson Quay, that still stands today, is the Alkaff Bridge. It was built in the year of 2004 and was painted well-known Filipino painter, Pacita Abad. Its distinguished design with bright colors is an attraction for tourists today. Robertson Quay is near to Great World City MRT Station.

The very first market at the wharf is known to be the Telok Ayer Market. It was built in 1825 and had a wooden design made for commerce at the shore of the Singapore River. Having served as the marketplace for over fifty years, it was later taken down due to the restoration of the marketplace at the Telok Ayer Basin. After its destruction in 1879, the architect, James Macritchie, then recreated the structure with an octagonal design. In the century following, the building was again taken down due to new transportation routes. At last, in 1991, a similar design was recreated and was given the name Old Market, or Lau Pat Sat.

Robertson Quay History

One of the best attractions at the wharf is the Robertson Walk. This area is lined up with restaurants and shops that offer the best meals and dishes you can find. There is even a delicious cake shop, All Good Things, and another shop, Canele Patisserie, which offer a huge variety of sweets that is perfect for all dessert lovers that visit the wharf.

An important commercial building is the Sultan Link. This building serves as an office for rental and sale. Its amazing design is efficient, with a great layout. It is a center for business startups, too. It is located in the center of the Robertson Quay, which provides a strategic location for businesses at the Downtown Core Central Business District. The commercial, modern building, Herencia, is also located here. It is used for the same purposes as the Sultan Link, but is also used as a commercial school.

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